Singing Lessons in Los Angeles

With so many instructors and schools that offer singing lessons in Los Angeles, it can be challenging, and even overwhelming, to find the right fit. This blog will help to educate people with little private lesson experience as to what is most important in finding a school or private instructor.

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One of our most frequently asked questions is what styles of vocal training we offer. While learning a particular style is important, many beginning or intermediate level students need to work on their fundamentals, and do not necessarily need a specialist in their specific style. In fact, it often happens that if a student wants to learn pop music, it’s usually best to study with a classical vocalist. A classical education strengthens all the music and vocal fundamentals needed to be a great pop singer! For any instrument, it is true that studying classical technique forms the foundation of a great musician. Instructors who specialize in classical music may only teach one style, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have experience with many other styles. For the majority of students who call us seeking singing lessons in Los Angeles, we find that studying with a classically trained vocalist is the best choice. There are exceptions, however; if the student is more advanced, and looking to fine tune techniques for pop, jazz, or musical theater, it is best for them to work with a teacher who specializes in those genres. Jazz, in particular, is a style that requires some training outside of classical technique, because not every voice teacher knows how to improvise.

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Another frequently asked question we get is how old a child should be to begin singing lessons in Los Angeles. We believe that young children, ages five and up, can be trained gently in vocal technique, but more advanced repertoire should be saved for after puberty. A child’s voice can be very delicate and repertoire must be carefully selected to ensure it falls within an easy range. However, the idea that a child should not be trained how to sing goes against a very long tradition of children’s choirs, which dates back centuries. It’s important that the songs a young student learns be simple enough to not cause any strain on the young voice. Just as you hope not to break a bone early in an athletic career, you should avoid hurting your voice before your musical journey has even started! Finding a teacher for singing lessons in Los Angeles will help put you on the right track for immediate and future success.

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Los Angeles is a destination for thousands of musicians and actors who are trying to make their names in the big city. Unfortunately, this can mean that a lot of very talented vocalists, that may also be good instructors, may have challenges keeping professional teaching schedules. Many students come to us after having struggled to find reliable singing lessons in Los Angeles. Here at Angeles Academy, we ensure that we have the most professional and reliable instructors, so that the lessons can remain as consistent as possible for students. Stability in training is key to success. In searching for a good teacher, it’s important that that teacher and the institution have a good track record of professionalism.

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