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Over the last 7 years, we have provided the best quality private piano lessons for kids in Los Angeles CA. Easily Accessible to Santa Monica, Brentwood, Beverly Hills and Century City, our beautiful location lies within a historic cathedral in Westwood, just next door to UCLA. Our teaching philosophy for kids is to nurture a passion for music first, and secondly to provide the technical skills needed to learn to play the piano. This means kids will learn to play the music they love, enjoy games and prizes for accomplishing goals, and all along the way get the technique they need to master the instrument. To do this, we only hire teachers that match our criteria. Our instructors are fun, outgoing positive personalities that are great with kids, have years of teaching experience, and have attended one of the top music schools in the world.
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After teaching thousands of piano lessons for kids, we have found that certificates, trophies and other prizes combined with smart goal setting makes a HUGE difference in motivation.

Beginner Duets

During our student recitals and in private lessons, kids pair up with their teacher to play duets. This is a great way to boost the confidence of even the youngest piano student.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our teachers bring these qualities to the table:

  • Fun and positive energy.
  • Show interest in the child’s life.
  • Focus on music the child loves.
  • Integrates technique gently.
  • Flexible, rather than a ridgid lesson plans.
  • Goal setting, short and long term, rewards.
  • Communicates with parents and School to review progress.
This is a difficult question to answer, because it depends on the interest level and the focus and dicipline of the child. Generally about 5 years old. However, we have found over the years, that its possible to gently train children ages 3 and 4 by doing a combination of piano and singing songs. Parents of children at this young of an age must manage their expectations carefully, so as to not put pressure on the child. We have a few instructors here at Angeles Academy that are excellent in working with these very your children

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