Drum Lessons Tarzana

Drum Lessons Tarzana

Private Lessons

Angeles Academy, the largest Music Academy in Los Angeles, specializes in top-notch one-on-one drum lessons. With multiple locations across west Los Angeles and a new facility in Tarzana, conveniently accessible from Encino, Woodland Hills, Reseda, and Sherman Oaks, our drum lessons cater to all ages and skill levels. Our faculty, with university training and certification from the Academy’s special program, boasts over seventy-five skilled instructors, ensuring the perfect fit for you or your child.

Our philosophy is to “blossom talent” by meeting you where you are, understanding your musical preferences, and crafting a custom curriculum based on your individual needs. Whether you prefer a creative, play-focused approach or a disciplined program with theory requirements like RCM or ABRSM, our diverse instructors, including jazz drum graduates from USC and drum education specialists, cater to a wide range of preferences.

In addition to weekly classes in our premier Los Angeles facilities, we offer the opportunity for students to participate in concerts every six months at prominent venues like Beverly Wilshire (Four Seasons), ballrooms, and even Disney Hall.

drum lessons at Angeles Academy of Music
Drum Lessons for Adults

Serving all Ages

Angeles Academy of Music offers drum lessons to a vast range of ages and proficiency levels. We cater to total beginners as young as four, who have never touched an instrument before, as well as adult students who have always harbored the desire to start learning. Additionally, our instruction extends to child prodigies, students preparing for music school in performance programs, and adult hobbyists seeking to return to the drums after a hiatus spanning several years. With the broadest selection of lesson times, we operate seven days a week. This allows younger students to attend classes in the morning or afternoon, and adults to schedule classes during lunchtime or after work as late as our closing at 9 p.m. for convenience.

Drum Lessons in Tarzana

Drum Lessons For Kids

Our instructor have a lot of experience with total beginners, and know how to guide them through to an advanced level.

Drum Lessons for Adults

Drum Lessons For Adults

We have a large group of adult students that enjoy weekly lessons with us.


Drum Lessons for Adults

Why take drum Lessons with us?

Great Instructors “a great school is just an amazing group of teachers.”

In our hiring process, we filter hundreds of prospective instructors in search of the qualities that make a great instructor. There are four qualities we are looking for. The first is a strong, positive personality. This is just essential to keep you excited about music, and engaged during the lessons. Secondly, we look for the instructor’s ability to create intelligent, achievable goals, that are customized to your needs. Great teachers will help you learn the techniques and skill you need, but do it though the music you love. Thirdly, a great instructor is intuitive. They have the sensitivity to know if what they are teaching you is being understood, and if their delivery is effective, (Keeping the energy and excitement high). Finally, we look for outstanding educational credentials. Our instructors possess degrees from some of the finest music schools in the world, places like Juilliard, USC, Berkley School of Music, Indiana University, and Royal Conservatory of London.



Angeles Academy sets itself apart with the highest caliber performance opportunities in leading venues around Los Angeles, such as the Beverly Wilshire Ballroom, (Four Seasons), where such events as the Emmy’s are held, as well as the BP hall at the Disney Center. The rare opportunity to perform in these world-class facilities increases student recital participation, preparation, and results.   For Drum students, we often recommend collaborations with other students at the academy, use of backup tracks for live performances, or even solo live drums.     There are close to thirty performances in June and December, divided into categories like:

  • Kids, Beginners
  • Kids Intermediates
  • Kids Honors
  • Teen Honors
  • Adult Beginners
  • Adult Intermediate

Frequently Asked Questions

In general, percussion is rewarding in that results can come somewhat faster than other instruments. Percussion has much more collaborative, and social opportunities once a student can play the basics, in contrast for example to the piano, which mostly is a solo instrument. A intermediate to advanced student who knows different styles will always be in demand to play in various groups. There are a huge variety of musical genres that require percussion, such as Jazz, rock, R&B, Reggae, pop, funk, marching bands and even classical orchestra.

Usually 4 and up. This is hard to answer however, because music requires concentration and focus, and children are ready for this at different ages. One positive note on percussion rather than other instruments, is that you can really produce sound quickly, as opposed to an instrument like the violin, which requires much more fine motor skills. The best way to find out is enroll in classes and see how well the child responds. If the parents can provide some structure and oversight to practicing that makes a huge difference.

Usually a few months to learn a simple piece. That said, everyone learns at a different pace, and this question is difficult to answer. With regular practice a basic level of playing can be accomplished in a few months. Also, progress tends to accelerate over time. Most of our students take lessons on a long term-basis because they want to be constantly improving and they find the lessons enjoyable.

No. This is a question we frequently get from adults who are interested in getting back into music after many years, or who are thinking of starting for the first time. We fully believe that it’s possible to learn percussion at any age, and in fact some adults can progress much faster than children because of their intellectual capacity. We have trained students in their 60s, 70s, and 80s, and even worked with a student over 100!

What will you learn in our Drum Lessons?

A beginner student will start by learning all the parts of the drumset.

This is essential to being able to communicate easily as patterns become more complex. A standard drum set will include the Snare, High Mounted Tom, Low Mounted Tom, Floor Tom, Bass Drum, and Four Cymbals. The Hi-Hat, two Crash cymbals, and the Ride Cymbal. All sets are adjustable, and a beginner class will also cover how to sit properly and adjust each of these cymbals and drums so that the student is comfortable and has easy access.

There are two main grips, and the matched grip is the most basic. The right and left hand should look and move identically. You will also learn the traditional Grip, which is the most common grip. The difference is in a traditional grip, the left hand is significantly different, while the right hand remains identical to the matched grip.

Basic Patterns, such as bass drum on one and three, snare drum on beats two and four, and consistent high hat on beats one two three and four, are foundational patterns that are essential for all beginners. It’s important that these patterns be learn correctly, so we strongly encourage students to start very slowly, working towards speed over time. Our goal is also to fairly quickly get the student to begin working on music they are interested in, and luckily, many famous pieces of music contain these basic patterns.

As the student progresses, the basic patterns become second nature, and the student is introduced to all sorts of fills, and complex additional patterns and elements. In advanced level students, sensitivity to group playing, such as in bands is introduced, more improvisational techniques, and detailed dynamic ranges. An advanced student should be capable of playing with a variety of bands and different styles of music, such as pop, jazz, r&b, funk, and reggae.

drum lessons at Angeles Academy of Music

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