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11670 San Vicente Blvd #C
Los Angeles CA 90049


Frequently Asked Questions

The piano is a great instrument to start with. This is because its very visual, and produces a great sound without having to learn how, (such as the violin or the guitar). Because of this, it is and ideal starting instrument, especially for a young child, and this is probably why it is the number one instrument choice in the world. The piano is also the best instrument to understand music theory, (the study of the structure of music). This is because while most instruments can only play one note at a time, the piano can play many, helping students see the musical structure. While the piano is the easiest instrument to begin, and provides a great musical foundation, it is also the hardest instrument to master.

Usually 4 and up. This is hard to answer however, because music requires concentration and focus, and children are ready for this at different ages. The best way to find out is enroll in classes and see how well the child responds. If the parents can provide some structure and oversight to practicing that makes a huge fifference. Also attendance of our masterclasses and rectitals often sparks curiosity about learning the piano.

Usually a few months to learn a simple piece. That said, everyone learns at a different pace, and this question is difficult to answer. With regular practice a basic level of playing can be accomplished in a few months. Also, progress tends to accelerate over time. Most of our students take lessons on a long term-basis because they want to be constantly improving and they find the lessons enjoyable.

No. This is a question we frequently get from adults who are interested in getting back into piano after many years, or who are thinking of starting for the first time. We fully believe that its possible to learn piano at any age, and in fact some element of learning such as the technique, theory, and reading can be faster learned by the adult mind.

It’s often possible to start on an inexpensive keyboard, and later perhaps rent or buy a real piano as progress is seen. For the first year or so, most adult beginners will only need to use the middle part of the piano, so a 61 key keyboard will often suffice. We sometimes adults to start with a keyboard, then upgrade to a piano as they progress.   A weighted keyboard is often a little more expensive, but feels more like a real piano, and this is helpful as a transition to the real instrument.  We advise to check with your instructor or to ask a friend that knows about pianos to help make an objective decision before buying.