Piano Lessons For Adults

piano class for adults in LA

Private Lessons

Over the last 7 years, we have provided the best quality private piano lessons for adults in Los Angeles California. Easily Accessible from Santa Monica, Brentwood, Beverly Hills and Century City, our beautiful location lies within a historic cathedral in Westwood, just next door to UCLA. Our teaching philosophy for adults is to develop a consistent practicing plan, and to give them the encouragement the technical skills needed to learn to play the piano. Adults will learn to play the music they love, not just technical exercises, and all along the way get the technique they need to master the instrument.  To do this, we only hire teachers that are fun, outgoing positive personalities, have years of teaching experience, and have attended one of the top music schools in the world.
piano classes for adults in LA
piano classroom Westwood Angeles Academy of Music

Advanced Piano Lessons

Wine, cheese, and a bit of courage.  Our adult recital caters to adult students whether beginning or more advanced.  This fun encouraging environment helps adults get over their fear of performance.

Beginner Piano Lessons

During our student recitals and in private lessons, adult may pair up with their teacher to play duets. This is a great way to boost the confidence and have a lot of fun.
piano classroom in Westwood

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Our teachers bring these qualities to the table:

  • Fun and positive energy.
  • Show interest in you personally.
  • Focus on music you love.
  • Integrates technique gently.
  • Flexible, rather than a ridgid lesson plans.
  • Goal setting, short and long term, rewards.
No. This is a question we frequently get from adults who are interested in getting back into piano after many years, or who are thinking of starting for the first time.  We fully believe that its possible to learn piano at any age, in fact some things like technique, theory, and reading can be faster learned by the adult mind.

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