Online Bass Guitar Lessons

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Online Bass Guitar Lessons

Online Bass Guitar Lessons Los Angeles

Bass Guitar Lessons for All levels

We work with total beginners to the most advanced students.

All Ages

We work with total beginners to the most advanced students.

All Styles

We offer lessons in Classical, Jazz, Pop, Blues, R&B.

At Angeles Academy of Music, it’s our goal to provide the best quality private guitar lessons near you. Central to Los Angeles in Westwood Village, we are easily accessible from Santa Monica, Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Century City, and Culver City.  Our guitar lessons are open to all ages and levels, and for children ages five and up.  We also specialize in guitar lessons for adults.  For almost ten years, we have helped thousands of students on their musical journey.  Our talented, friendly, and qualified faculty can help you learn any style or genre of music, including rock, pop, jazz.  Additionally we offer classical guitar classes. You will learn how hold the guitar, the proper hand position, how to play chords and tabs. More advanced guitar students learn to refine their technique and develop artistry and musicality. Our instructors are trained to not only get you the skill and technique you need, but also how to keep in fun and engaging by working on the music YOU love.

Bass Guitar Classes for Kids

Bass Guitar Lessons for Kids

Our instructor have a lot of experience with total beginners, and know how to guide them through to an advanced level.

Bass Guitar Lessons for Adults

We have a large group of adult students that enjoy weekly lessons with us.


Why Take Guitar Lessons With Us?

Great Instructors “a great school is just an amazing group of teachers.”

In our hiring process, we filter hundreds of prospective instructors in search of the qualities that make a great instructor. There are four qualities we are looking for. The first is a strong, positive personality. This is just essential to keeping you excited about music, and engaged during lessons. Secondly, we look for the instructor’s ability to create intelligent, achievable goals customized to your needs. Great teachers will help you learn the techniques and skill you need, but do it though the music you love. Thirdly, a great instructor is intuitive. They have the sensitivity to know if what they are teaching you is being understood, and if their delivery is effective, (Keeping the energy and excitement high). Finally, we look for outstanding educational credentials. Our instructors possess degrees from some of the finest music schools in the world, places like Juilliard, USC, Berkley School of Music, Indiana University, and Royal Conservatory of London.

Bass Guitar Instructor
Bass Guitar Instructor
Bass Guitar Instructor

University Trained

Background Checked

Warm Personalities

Years of Experience

How do Online Lessons Work?

We use the zoom platform for our virtual classroom, all student should download zoom.   The student will recieve a text reminder 10 minutes prior to their lesson with the meeting ID, or a link to their meeting.   At your lesson time, simply join the meeting and your instructor will let you into your virtual classroom!

Why Online with Us?

  • Full time support and advise from our friendly office staff
  • Handpicked instructors from the Premire music school in Los Angeles
  • The most organized automated reminder system to keep you on track from home.

Owned and Operated by Emmy Award winning Composer

In choosing a music school, its very imporant to select one that is musician owned. Angeles Academy of Music is owned by Emmy award winning composer Nathan Pangrazio. He is known for collaborating with some of the biggest directors and producers in Hollywood, including Steve Tisch, Mitchell Block and Vanessa Block. His accoplishments in the music field, combined with years of experience as a performer, composer and educator come together to make him uniquely qualified to operate a high end music school. Nathan has crafted Angeles Academy from his extensive experience in music education, with a mission to make sure each student gets the tools and the inspiration they need to meet their individual potential in music.

Open 7 Days a week for busy families

We know families ae busy, and thats why we are open 7 days a week, providing lessons from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 12 p.m. – 9 p.m. on Sundays, as well as support for any technical issues.

Additionally, we offer month to month lessons with no long term contracts or semester minimums.

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