Cello Lessons

The Best Children’s Music Lessons in Los Angeles

When you're looking to give your child an extra boost in their development, the best place to start may be children’s Cello Lessons from the Angeles Academy of Music. With our high-quality programs designed specifically for kids, we can provide your child with the tools they need to learn to play. 

We Offer Cello Lessons 

Do you have a musically inclined child? Has your child shown interest in Cello Lessons, or any other instrument? There are many benefits to learning an instrument at a young age. It improves motor skills and spatial intelligence, and learning music gives children an outlet to express themselves. At Angeles Academy of Music, we want our students to be able to play the music they love and create their own. We offer training for young students (ages 4 and up).

The Premiere School for Cello Lessons  in Los Angeles

We pride ourselves on hiring only the best teachers, who all hold Bachelor's degrees in music and extensive teaching experience. The curriculum for children is customized to meet each individual student's developmental level, using appropriate songs and music from a wide variety of styles. We have designed an environment where children of all ages feel successful and valued, where learning has fun value.