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Discount (First 4 Classes)

  • $̶1̶6̶8̶ ̶$84 for first month, 30 minute classes weekly
  • $̶2̶5̶2̶ $126 for first month, 45 minute classes weekly
  • $̶3̶3̶6̶ $168 for first month, 60 minute classes weekly
  • Offer Expires August 31st at midnight, Code LAPDISCOUNT

Piano, Voice, Violin, Guitar, Cello

  • * One on One, All Ages All Levels
  • * Over 30 Instructors, from the finest music schools in the world
  • * Masterclasses and recitals, goals and achievement rewards

One on One

Fun Interactive

All Ages, All Levels

Goal Based

Learn Now

Masterclasses, Recitals, Goals and Awards



Convenient + Safe

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Our Instructors

All our music instructors have been carefully screened and chosen from hundreds of applicants to bring you the finest quality. Here are some factors we look for: A fun positive personality, intuition and sensitivity, flexibility in teaching approach, years of experience, and university training from a top music school.

Month to Month Lessons

Affordable, Wide Range of Lesson Times

Recitals and Masterclasses

Emmy Award Winning

We use Zoom for Our Online Lessons

Our convenient reminder system will send you an email in the morning, and a text 10 minutes prior to your lesson to keep your schedule on track with and easy link.

Designed by Emmy Award Winning Film Composer

Unlike many private teachers, this class has a highly structured plan for what you will learn everytime, that has been painstakingly thought out and tested my Emmy Award Winning Film Composer Nathan Pangrazio. Nathan developed this program as a result of more than 20 years of teaching and has worked with thousands of students.
The curriculum strikes the right balance between review, new material, helpful practice secrets, competitive games and the “story” behind the music to add greater meaning. Nathan is the director of Angeles Academy of Music, the leading music school in Los Angeles.

Emmy Award Winning

Why Study with us?

Top School Based in Los Angeles Hand picked instructors from the finest music schools in the world. Great Personalities & teaching experience Founded by Emmy Award Winning Film composer and Pianist


Angeles Academy has provided Over

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