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Learn to Play the Piano Online with a Teacher from the Premiere Music Academy in Los Angeles!

What you will Learn

  • * How to play a song from beginning to end step by step
  • * The note names, the finger numbers, basic theory
  • * A bit of the history behind the song and composer

Small Group

Fun Interactive

Fun Interactive + Still one on one

Goal Based

Learn Now

Learn a piece from Beginning to End in 3 Months



Convenient + Affordable

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*This class is for the adult beginner with little or no experience. You don’t have to have a keyboard or piano to take this introductory class. You may use a smartphone or Ipad, with a piano app installed, (instructions provided with purchase)

See What Thousands of Students Have Been Saying!

Goal Based Program

Many people want to learn to play a piece of music, but don’t want to take months of pre-requesites or take lessons for years! They only want to learn their favorit piece today!!
These classes are designed to teach you a piece, from beginning to end.

Online, Live Training

Affordable, Convinante & Relaxing

Small Group Format

Grab a galss of Wine & Join us!!

Emmy Award Winning

No Keyboard or Piano? Smart Phone or Ipad will work!!

Why invest in a keyboard or piano before you know if you want to learn the piano? This class has been designed so that those with smartphone or ipads can also learn.

Designed by Emmy Award Winning Film Composer

Unlike many private teachers, this class has a highly structured plan for what you will learn everytime, that has been painstakingly thought out and tested my Emmy Award Winning Film Composer Nathan Pangrazio. Nathan developed this program as a result of more than 20 years of teaching and has worked with thousands of students.
The curriculum strikes the right balance between review, new material, helpful practice secrets, competitive games and the “story” behind the music to add greater meaning. Nathan is the director of Angeles Academy of Music, the leading music school in Los Angeles.

Emmy Award Winning

Why Study with us?

Top School Based in Los Angeles Hand picked instructors from the finest music schools in the world. Great Personalities & teaching experience Founded by Emmy Award Winning Film composer and Pianist


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