Singing Lessons in Los Angeles

singing lesson

With so many instructors and schools that offer singing lessons in Los Angeles, it can be challenging, and even overwhelming, to find the right fit. This blog will help to educate people with little private lesson experience as to what is most important in finding a school or private instructor. One of our most frequently […]

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Music School or Private Lessons?

recital voice

Not all parents or students are aware of the differences between studying at an music school versus a private instructor. This article will look at why an institution is generally a better choice. Structure An established music school such as the Angeles Academy will generally have a large number of students and instructors while also […]

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Voice Lessons; a means to building confidence:

Voice lessons

Voice lessons can be a very useful tool to build confidence in both  children and adults. If you thought public speaking was scary, try adding public singing. Unlike other instruments there is nothing to hide behind and nothing between you and your audience. Helping the student overcome the fear and anxiety of being judged is […]

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