Piano Teachers, the “New Approach”

Piano Teachers Los Angeles

in our ever changing world, music teachers must adapt their techniques as in all other industries. New methods for music education are constantly being introduced and upgraded. Technology provides unique new ways to teach piano by integrating apps, games, timers, all helping to capture to interest of the student. The old tradition of teaching a […]

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Piano Lessons for Adults

Piano Lessons for Adults Los Angeles

One of the most common questions we get about piano lessons for adults is: “Can I learn to play the piano?  Am I too old?”.  Certainly, there are benefits to learning the piano at a young age. Some advantages include muscle memory and physical flexibility, but unless the adult student is planning a concert career, […]

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Top 10 Practice Tips

You want your child to develop that lifelong passion for the piano, and the dedication and disciple to practice, but you just don’t see them putting in the effort. They may really enjoy their piano lessons

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