Guitar Lessons 5 Tips to Succeed

Guitar lessons

Have you ever wanted to be able to play your favorite songs? Most people who don’t play an instrument fantasize about how fun it would be to pull out a guitar and play their favorite tunes. This actually may not be as far away as people think. With a few months of guitar lessons from […]

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Music School or Private Lessons?

recital voice

Not all parents or students are aware of the differences between studying at an music school versus a private instructor. This article will look at why an institution is generally a better choice. Structure An established music school such as the Angeles Academy will generally have a large number of students and instructors while also […]

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What makes a great violin teacher?


The violin is one of the most dynamic instruments with its range being very similar to the female voice. Its opportunities for subtlety and detail of tone are unprecedented. A great violinist can shape music in ways that few instruments can with the change of bow direction or by changing the angle of the instrument. […]

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Guitar lesson for kids:

Guitar lesson

Are you considering enrolling your child in guitar lessons? Guitar is a very appealing instrument by all standards. It is versatile, portable, lightweight, and has large spectrum of repertoire that spans almost all genres. This blog lists some of the main reasons to choose guitar lessons. Pop Culture Guitar is the ultimate cool instrument. In […]

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Voice Lessons; a means to building confidence:

Voice lessons

Voice lessons can be a very useful tool to build confidence in both  children and adults. If you thought public speaking was scary, try adding public singing. Unlike other instruments there is nothing to hide behind and nothing between you and your audience. Helping the student overcome the fear and anxiety of being judged is […]

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Piano Teachers, the “New Approach”

Piano Teachers Los Angeles

in our ever changing world, music teachers must adapt their techniques as in all other industries. New methods for music education are constantly being introduced and upgraded. Technology provides unique new ways to teach piano by integrating apps, games, timers, all helping to capture to interest of the student. The old tradition of teaching a […]

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Piano Lessons for Adults

Piano Lessons for Adults Los Angeles

One of the most common questions we get about piano lessons for adults is: “Can I learn to play the piano?  Am I too old?”.  Certainly, there are benefits to learning the piano at a young age. Some advantages include muscle memory and physical flexibility, but unless the adult student is planning a concert career, […]

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How to Pick an Instrument for your Child?

Piano, voice, violin, guitar, lessons

Here are some frequent questions we get from parents who are interested in putting their children into music lessons for the first time. We hope you find the below article helpful, and please call for any further free information. If your child doesn’t have a special inclination toward a particular instrument, its a good idea for

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